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I coloured the sketch after all! And I tried out a new art style at the same time. I like the results :D

fa’sdfal;sdfka Everyone’s so cute ‘fda;fdlska 

Took up an 10 days oc challenge panel at the same time while trying to get some other stuffs done. 

#1 Persona/Fursona/yourself! 

Which, pft, I took the meaning by mistake as in or drawing just, myself. So, here is me reaction towards me homos on a daily basis.

I regret nothing

Uploaded a sketch and digitally drawn version ‘cause i’m an indecisive piece of shit LOL

I have now remembered the wonders of ballpoint pens LOL

random sketching of a fox and Lehavea, the flame-tailed fox, a.k.a. Yvann’s waifu, because. 

and aaah, one of my ocs I didn’t get to draw much yet, Dusa, I didn’t know about Kagerou Project until later but anyway, she has the ability to turn living beings she desired to stones, there were supposed to be snakes around her but I got lazy <_<;;

and aaah, I was testing out the ballpoint pen my friend gave me so, a random, uh, HAHAHAAH, MACHO CRY, I HAVE NO IDEA WTF HE HAS NO HANDS, I LIKE DRAWING BARA CHARACTERS AND SLAPPING RANDOM FACES ON THEM OK.

Some of the only thumbnails I drew from scratch without any screenshots or titles from the game itself. 

The Impossible Game is oddly addictive.

And Oneshot’s an interesting no saving RPG game, the protagonist is cute.

And then there’s the popular telltale games The Wolf Among Us which was recently completed.


Art trade for cendawankulat ~~daaaaahhh it’s been so long since I last painted sceneries~ I miss that

(crawling back into my shingeki fandom hole now, it’s been awhile)

(sidenote: also, go check out cendawankulat’s blog, she does amazing art and she’s open for commission now 8D)


Emergency USD30 Commission [Status : Open]

Currently I’m in a big financial problem and will need as much help to gain some moolah @__@” So I’ll be opening 10 slots for commission, will do more after this first batch is done :) The art style will be the same as the ones in this post!

- +USD10 for additional characters.

- Max character TWO characters in ONE canvas

- Payment will be via paypal :)

- I will not be drawing any sexual theme, hentai etc ( it won’t suit the art style anyways!! lol) I’ll draw any OC, characters you like, as long as it ain’t having any sexual stuff D8

Do send me an ask :) details on payment etc will be given.

Thank you so much guys!! >A</

I am here to help! 


Her stuffs are nice ;w;


Cardcaptor Sakura! Art trade with the senpai cendawankulat !

zee-art-fart and a few bunch of us were talking about AUs cause HEY, AUs ARE FUN 8D so we ended up venturing to the modern!AU stuffs and discussing about what the Immortals would be without having their lives fucked up so I guess this is part 1, where it’s mainly just about Grudge but I was guessing he could be something close to an undertaker at first where he’d meet Gea for the first time during her parents’ funeral. 

It’s amusing that most of the Immortals are more likely to be older than Gea if she wasn’t over 500 years old, then I was like, oh, he could be a surgeon or an army doctor instead because SCALPELS and well, he might take after his guardian’s career (the doctor) since he’s less likely to be a backstabbing asshole in this AU. So yay! Not orphan all the way!Grudge! :D *SHOT*

Summore he’s more likely to meet the others (Mischief and Impulse in the marines) as well, then Gea later, probably.

Actually now that I think about it Grudge would have been referred to by his real name, Dekatar instead in a modern!AU, doesn’t it.

comments in captions by the way.

part 1 / part 2

ensumas replied to your post: So.. I heard from a friend that there …

Im one of the ppl passing by. eventually i gave up and asked zlynn. T^T

Aaaah I’m sorryyyy ;w; I wasn’t sure if you were around either during the 1st day cause I was already dying and napping on the floor LOL OTL 

So.. I heard from a friend that there were some people looking for my Marvel bookmarks on the 2nd day of Animangaki and oh. 


I’m really sorry, I’ve already fallen sick and was really tired on the 1st day so I didn’t attend the 2nd day, it was too late for me to leave the merchandises with my booth mates. 

I’m not sure if I’d be attending this year’s Comic Fiesta, but perhaps hopefully I do so I’d still be selling them by then. 

I’m really sorry. ;__;