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Finally done with Comic Fiesta 2012 and OLOL IT WAS FUN. IT WAS REALLY REALLY FUN, I really had fun with everyone else there! 

Thank you so much for people who supported and bought some stuff from our booth! 

Here are the stuff I’ve grabbed in these two days, haha money what is money omg 

and OLOL Ensumas, it was you, wasn’t it? Was it? OLOL Is it you? The one who drew me a Vampire!Sherlock fanart OLOL. IF I’M NOT WRONG?? IF SO OLOL THANK YOU SO MUCH, WELL, WHOEVER WHO DREW ME THAT VAMPIRE!SHERLOCK FANART. I can’t even ;w; I’m really happy right now olol ;dflaksldf ;


and yesh, I pinned some of my badges and those I bought on my booth tag and just walked around the entire place wearing it OLOL.

There was quite a lot of Jack Frost merchandise OLOL. Though honestly I wished there had been more of the other guardians and characters. So far I found that only our booth and Cottonwings had sold a whole set OLOL I LIKE YOUR PITCH BADGE A LOT OK

aaand, yea. a bunch of virusAC posters, I… I don’t even know if my tiny bedroom has enough space to stick all these… .___.

anyway, was really happy I get to see some rise of the guardians cosplayers especially Sandy and Pitch omgomg, saw 4 Jack Frost cosplayers OLOL We literally just screamed at any cosplayers we found interesting.

Anyway. Whoever had bought our stuff and is here in Tumblr as well. SHOW YOURSELF. OLOL. Thank you thank you so much for buying our stuff ;w; I really appreciated it. 


Oh and, to the Castiel cosplayer if you’re ever in Tumblr, I’m kinda  sorry if I ever startled you when I yelled ‘CASTIEL COSPLAYEERRRRR’ so loud while pointing at you OLOL IT’S SO HARD TO FIND A SUPERNATURAL COSPLAYER, LET ALONE MERCHANDISE AROUND HERE OLOL.


and the TARDIS cosplayer if you’re ever in Tumblr. Thank you so much for cosplaying as the TARDIS as it made my day so much like omg, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in Comic Fiesta. ;w;